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As we tour, we like to make a music video when we come across somewhere particularly nice, and if we have the time! If you know of a great place that we could do a music video at, please let us know and we'll do our best!
Zorba's Dance

July 2016: We enjoyed filming Zorba’s Dance in beautiful Stanthorpe, one of our favourite places we’ve visited so far. The thing that makes Stanthorpe so special are the people!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

July 2016: We recorded our new CD at Animato Studios! Here is a little taste

Somewhere .. Currumbin

May 2016: Still on the Gold Coast! Enjoy the tranquility of Currumbin Valley Rock Pools and the fun of Sea World, two completely different locations on the Gold Coast but both worth visiting. At the Currumbin Rock Pools we saw about 10 tortoises!

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

February 2017: Valentine’s Day! We have been so busy there hasn’t been time for videos for a while so we thought we’d better do a love song for Valentine’s Day. This video and audio was recorded in Horsham Botanical Gardens, VIC en route to Adelaide for the Fringe Festival.

Celtic Fiddles

2016: We’ve been a bit busy teaching at Strings and Recorders Camp at Wagga Wagga and lots of travel! We stopped at Glen Innes just for one night and ended up staying four because it was such a beautiful, amazing and relaxing cultural gem. Please enjoy the Australian Standing Stones and the Glen Innes Showground in our next video.

Viva La Vida - Gold Coast

May 2016: The Gold Coast! In this music video you can see us at beautiful Main Beach on the Gold Coast with some views of Surfers Paradise in the background

Busking Fun!

The String Family are the 2015-2016 Australian National Busking Champions! You can see our busking action in the videos below. These videos have all been kindly donated by people who stumbled upon us busking and sent us the videos, thank you!

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