"From the moment you started playing to the final bow, I was captivated by your unique and great sound... you blew me away!

Tony Speelman
Parkes Elvis Festival 2017

***** "Miracle! That’s because a family performing music on a stage is able to create a secret harmonic veil of pure sensations that surround your aura."

Riccardo Barone
Kryztoff Magazine

The Journey: "I was very entranced by the violins and other strings at the beginning and pleasantly surprised by the complexity of the performance and the many layers as well as the lovely vocals.

Reverb Nation
Crowd Review

"As if one million blooms wasn’t enough to wow visitors at Floriade in 2016, The String Family delivered the perfect musical backdrop that echoed around the park. Instantly drawn to the harmonious sounds of the cellos and violins, listeners couldn’t help but stop and admire the performance they had so thankfully stumbled upon. The liveliness from The String Family was certainly matched as audiences tapped their toes and danced along. This string quartet is one of passion, talent and an infectious energy bound to leave a lasting impression."

Laura Raine
Floriade Events Coordinator 2016

"Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW demanded a very special touch. The String Family delivered with a professional and talented performance that created the perfect ambiance. Our 300 attendees had nothing but glowing praise for your delightful music. Thank you!"

Brian Shedden
MX-5 Club President

"The technical brilliance and musicality of the first violinist is perfectly matched by the unspoken communication between her and the other ensemble members. The often throbbing ostinato of the two cellos brings an energetic intensity that breathes new life into familiar classical themes. This highly polished and exciting quartet will bring audiences to their feet calling for more. Refreshingly, this quartet actually gives modern audiences what they crave, great music played with style and passion."

Allan Spencer
Director, Australian National Busking Championships™ & Director, Cooma School of Music

"A huge thank you The String Family, your fantastic performance was so amazing & was enjoyed by everyone. The comments I have received from the people that were here, young & old, have been "can't wait to see them next time", "when are they playing again?" & so on. Such an awesome family too!"

Wayne Ditchburn
Snowy Vineyard and Microbrewery

“You were brilliant today. I loved how you got the whole crowd involved including getting the
children to dance. Loved it!”

Alyssa Willstrop
Artist, Wild Rumpus

“Thank you so much for the CD, it is fabulous and an inspiration for when children do not want to
practise some days.”

Selena Cosgrove

"An entire community inspired by the unique performances from The String Family”. From many hundreds enjoying their opening night performance, this grew to many thousands at appearances over the following week as word quickly spread of the sensational sounds provided by this musically brilliant group. At each, it was so warming to hear deafening applause, a true signal of appreciation for the quality of performance.

An amazing family, Stanthorpe has fallen in love with The String Family, their music and the promise that there will be return visits - “we can’t wait”."

Greg Thouard
President, Apple & Grape Harvest Festival

"The String Family are something to look forward to, after being compared to one of the world's best violinists and conductor. They are the Australian Version of Andre Rieu."

Stanthorpe Border Post

The Devil Went Down to Georgia: "A nice rocked up rendition of the iconic classic. The vocals are superb and the instrumentation is excellent, particularly the violin, which should do Charlie proud."

Reverb Nation
Crowd Review

The String Family’s performance was world class (a direct quote from one of our guests) and the music was just beautiful and suited many tastes. Once the music got started, it seemed to pull people out of their caravans so that they could get closer to it. In addition, we learnt a little bit about the family and their travels, all told in a light hearted and comical way. Days later we are still revelling in the accolades that we are receiving from our guests about how clever we are to have organised The String Family to perform in our park.