Now in schools: a fun, exciting, world class inspiring show that will surpass all your expectations!


Imagine you could give your students the opportunity to experience a world class performance, without them having to leave the school grounds..

… a world class performance that would normally be reserved for theatres, performance halls and ticketed venues, or perhaps a main performance at a major music festival. The sort of performance that leaves you feeling excited, uplifted, inspired and just all around happy. An experience that is so often lacking now in the age of digital devices, screens & the iGeneration, particularly outside of the major cities.

Well, imagine no more – multi-award winning The String Family are now available for bookings, and can come to your school.

The String Family are comprised of Sarah (violin & vocals) and Joel (cello & percussion), along with their two children Heath (cello, year 10) and Ashleigh (violin, year 8). Our highly polished and nationally acclaimed show comprises of music from a broad range of genres that will introduce the incredible versatility and capability of these beautiful acoustic instruments.

Sarah first performed at the Sydney Opera House at the age of 5, and has been travelling the world as a professional violinist & entertainer. Joel completed his musical studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music High School. Heath & Ashleigh have been honing their skills on their instruments as professional musicians whilst on tour and consistently impress both their audience and their parents!

We have been travelling Australia touring their show for nearly 3 years and 300 performances. We have taught at NSW Department of Education run music camps, performed in schools, performed at the Sydney Opera House, and have won multiple awards for our music. We have recorded and released 4 albums with over 200,000 digital downloads and 6000 physical album sales, and have been recommended to schools by the Public Schools NSW Arts Coordinator Di Alexander.

With two school aged children being fundamental to our group – which helps to make the music super accessible – and 3 years & over 110,000km of travelling our great land (as well as a couple of international trips), The String Family show will have your students captivated, amazed and truly inspired.

We aim to give your students a musical experience that they probably have never had before, and one that they will remember and appreciate for the rest of their lives.

Your school is free to create the format of performance that you prefer. You can even Invite your wider community along and make it a fund raiser or have it as just a good old fashioned community building event, involving parents, carers and extended members of the school and broader community.

We have different performance formats to suit each school. Although the duration would generally be one hour, it is flexible according to your school requirements. The setup and location requirements are minimal, as no equipment other than a suitable venue is required. Performances can be indoor or outdoor, for small or large groups, and teaching resources can also be supplied in advance to supplement and complement the performance, and assist your teachers with curriculum relevant material. This material has been developed in conjunction with a qualified NSW Education Department teacher and professional musician.

Check our itinerary to see if we have plans to be in your area, or contact us –

If you are ready to make a booking, please get in touch!
If you are in the Shoalhaven, please contact Bob from Bomaderry Lions.

More video’s below of some of our performing over the last two and a half years. Feel free to browse!