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Singing, dancing, clapping and trivia


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World class,
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The String Family toured their music around Australia for over 3 years and 320 performances including teaching at NSW Department of Education run music camps, performing in schools, at the Sydney Opera House, and winning multiple awards for their music. They have recorded and released 5 albums with over 200,000 digital downloads and 6000 physical album sales. The String Family have been recommended to schools by the Public Schools NSW Arts Coordinator Di Alexander.

Imagine you could give your students the opportunity to experience a world class performance, without them having to leave the school grounds..


A letter of recommendation…

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am thrilled to introduce The String Family to you.
I was a primary teacher for 41 years, and am currently the President of Bomaderry Lions Club.

In November 2018, Bomaderry Lions invited The String Family to conduct a Schools Tour in the Shoalhaven Region of NSW. We only had a 2 week window, and in that time over 3000 students in the Shoalhaven were enthralled by the performances of The String Family.

Sarah, as musical director of the family and I discussed what each performance should consist of. We came up with a truly winning combination of 2x classical, 2x pop, 2x dances (which the students were instructed and learnt during the concert, to enable movement during concerts especially for younger students), a trivia quiz, 2x Celtic and an introduction to the instruments that the family play. The performances were of 60 minutes duration, of which several kindergarten teachers were apprehensive of such a length of time for the performance, YET, at the conclusion of each performance, every kindergarten student was still totally engrossed in the concert, and this was endorsed by testimonials from several kindergarten teachers.

Set up for each concert was minimal – the family requires approximately 40 minutes pre and post each performance. Usually a school hall is adequate, or if the weather is conducive, an open air concert could also be magical.

Justifying have The String Family will be really easy. In the Creative Arts syllabus K-6 and the Music curriculum 7 – 10, there are sections of ‘responding to’, ‘appreciating’ and ‘listening to’ a variety of music. There are also references to Listening with discrimination, comparing different pieces of music, selecting and combining musical ideas, and exploring other cultures (1 or 2 Celtic pieces will be offered during each concert). The String Family addresses each and all of these requirements from the syllabuses.

May I strongly recommend that you Google: ‘The String Family and their Australian Tour’, as they were on the road for 3 years. You may also Google: ‘The String Family at Paronella Park’, and have the opportunity to witness Vivaldi’s classical piece, as even if you are not a classical buff, you will immediately understand the presentation of The String Family.

Talk to Sarah, to discuss all options including dates, times, costs, and requirements of you school. Think outside of the square, and talk with your parent bodies – could you come up with a fund raiser, a school dance, or (use your imagination).

I promise you will NOT be disappointed if you invite The String Family to your school.

Yours sincerely,
Bob Mortyn.


The cost of having The String Family at your school is generally $5 per child, with a minimum of $500 per school. The cost for schools with over 240 students is $1,200. We encourage smaller schools to combine numbers.

The String Family is based in Far North QLD for the remainder of 2020. Please check the itinerary for availability, or contact us –


If you would like to discuss options or are ready to make a booking, please call Sarah on 0425 205 897.
If you are in the Shoalhaven, please contact Bob from Bomaderry Lions.