Privacy Policy

– Updated May, 2018

The world has gone slightly mad, so we’re legally obliged to provide a privacy notice on our little website.
We don’t collect information about you unless
1. you sign up to our mailing list, in which case we store (using Mailchimp) your email address and name.
2. you purchase a CD from us online, in which case we use those details to send you your purchased product. In this instance, it’s stored on our hosting providers system and protected by industry standard encryption.
3. you sign up for a wordpress account so that you can comment on articles etc.
We don’t share your information with anyone, or sell it to anyone, or use it for any other purpose than is obvious from these activities just mentioned. Of course because we use Mailchimp to send you emails, Mailchimp is actually the company storing your details. Likewise, stores your details if you sign up for an account with them. We trust them as much as we trust any other huge multinational to do the right thing, as they are also bound by privacy laws.
Access to this information is protected by 2FA and strong username and password combinations, and our site software is updated regularly.

We are obliged to tell you also that if you want to access your personal information, just let us know. Seeing as we don’t store information about you in the first place (unless you have purchased a CD or signed up to the mailing list) then we won’t have any information to give you. If you want to get in touch about our privacy policy, please contact us through the ‘contact’ page.

We also have to tell you if you don’t like our privacy policy that you should not use or access our site.