In the News

 June 10, 2016:  ABC Perth at 8:30am NSW time (6:30am Perth time, breakfast with James Lush)
 June 9, 2016: ABC south east NSW this morning at 10:35 (mornings with Jen Hunt)
Featured on WIN News across the country: Link
May 14, 2016: Gold Coast Bulletin Weekender
April 30, 2016: In the Stanthorpe paper
February 28, 2016: article in Stanthorpe Border Post. Photo of article here
February 15, 2016: Article in Illawarra Mercury
 February 9, 2016: Featured interview by ABC Illawarra which was played country wide, plus an article.
November 20, 2015: In the Illawarra Mercury
 November 11, 2015: Radio Interview by 96.5 WAVE FM
 November 11, 2015: Radio interview by ABC Illawarra
November 8 2015: First big performance as The String Family at the Australian National Busking Championships, we won! Cooma Monaro Express article